Marina Abib Candusso is a dancer and foundress of the Soma Company, São Paulo, Brazil.
Degree in Social Sciences develops ongoing research, through theoretical references and fieldwork experiences, about the construction of a contemporary corporeality developed through the matrix of Brazilian traditional dances. Her Company won the ProAC Awards for Research in Dance and Klauss Vianna for a new creation.

In addition to participating in the spectacles "Passo" and the award winning “Naturalmente - Teoria e Jogo de uma Dança Brasileira”, by Antonio Nóbrega, Marina participated as choreographer and dancer in the feature film "Brincante, O Filme" directed by Walter Carvalho.

Along with dance, her pleasure in writing leads her to produce studies and articles about her research. She has her article "The Act of Inventing" published in the book Tube of Essay of the homonymous project in the state of Santa Catarina. As well as participating in the DVD released along with the book Festas e Danças Brasileiras in the state of São Paulo.

In 2017 premiered her first solo piece "The Goat" directed by André Casca in a co-production Brazil-Italy (Casa do Movimento, Teatro C'art and Teatro del Respiro). With this piece she has already performed in Brazil, Italy, Slovenia, England and Portugal.

Since 2016, in addition to working with her own company, she lives between Brazil and Europe and works on different projects: is a collaborator of the C´art Theater (Italy) and the Summer Intensive Contemporary Dance Festival (Portugal); danced in the production "Raizes” of Untamed Company (Belgium); and debuted in Slovenia her new production "400Rabbits", a partnership with the dancer Beno Novak.

In Brazil she premiered "Devil Woman and Dr. Strangelove", a duet with the dancer Diogo Granato. Since 2018, she has been the artistic directress of the Bragança Paulista CORPO Dance Festival.

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