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In 2008 the dancers Marina Abib and Maria Eugenia Almeida founded the Soma Company with the intention of formalizing a research that they had already been developing together. From that moment on they were able to deepen theoretical and corporeal studies on a dance language based on traditional brazilian manifestations.

pictures: Silvia Machado

The foundation of the Company formalized a meeting that had previously taken place on the stage and at affinities. The first scenic experiences brought together two bodies that resembled each other both for their movements and for their curiosities. Fascinated by the bodily possibilities that Brazilian dances offered, they created Soma with the aim of developing a new research.

The partnership brought together stories, movements, techniques and paths. In reverse order, they experienced traditional Brazilian dances and academic dance languages. Ballet lines gave cleanliness to caboclinho's steps while capoeira movements gave poetry to Olympic gymnastics. The game of reworking what they learned drove rehearsals and gave rise to shows. It was in the pleasure of experimenting with different mergers that the Company created its trajectory. They currently travel across different continents trying out techniques that enhance the work they develop.

video: André Marques Albuquerque

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