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performance | A CABRA

By Marina Abib

Directed by Andre Casaca A CABRA is the first solo of the dancer Marina Abib. An independent project carried out in stages of artistic residences inside and outside of Brazil. Part of their creative process has already been presented in "work in progress" format at the festivals: Swallowsfeet (England), Summer Intensive (Portugal) and Collinarea (Italy). It premiered internationally in December 2017 at Teatro C'Art, Italy.

A CABRA (The Goat) is a work about risk.

About an animal whose life revolves around taking risks.

It is a work that leaves a trail in the search for what is really necessary.

A CABRA is a feminine without vanity, impolite and crazy who endlessly digs up roots.

Video promo: Alexandre Amendola



Fotos: Rafael Frydman

Kalejdoskop Festival

Eslovênia Fotos: Matija Lukić



Fotos: Marco Giovanardi

Teaser do processo de pesquisa | residências artísticas

Swallowsfeet Festiva


Work in progress

Summer Intensive Festival


Work in progress

Residência artística #1


Residência artística #2


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