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Marina Abib and Diogo Granato, together on stage for the first time, expose their research on Acrobatic Dance and Improvisation in Dance Theater, debuting with the work Devil Woman and Doctor StrangeLove.

About love and jazz, love and dance, love and theater, and love. Maybe you're interested in love. Maybe you think it's necessary, today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Or that it is inherent in life. That saves species. That is capable of engendering attachment between things. Or that it is a chemical conjunction of neurological disorders. Maybe you identify yourself. And something rolls in your stomach. And a microscopic change explodes in some synapses and a serotonin tsunami happens in your body. There are no contraindications, the acute side effects cataloged are not dangerous. Maybe you're interested in love. Woman Diaba and Doctor AmorEstranho.

Directed and created by: Marina Abib e Diogo Granato

Musicians: Nicolle Paes and Vitor Cabral

Light Designer: Marcelo Esteves

Costumes: FCKT

Accessories: Beatriz Covacsik

Production: Cau Fonseca e Vera Abib

Pictures by: Kairina Lumina

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