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Movement lover.

Full-time researcher. 



Marina Abib Candusso is a dancer, educator, and cultural coordinator. Since 2012 she has been living between Brazil and Europe creating different dance pieces, researching with different artists, and teaching for different institutions.


In 2008 she founded Soma Company, in 2017 the house of production Casa do Movimento, and in 2018 the annual dance festival C.O.R.P.O.


Among her most recent works are Yellow Diamond duo with the drag queen KikiDomaleão and with the costumes by the designer Fabio Delduque (Brazil), Devil Woman and Dr. Strangelove duet with Diogo Granato (Brazil), 400 Rabbits with Beno Novak (Slovenia), The Goat solo directed by André Casaca (Italy) and Raízes from the Untamed Company (Belgium).


As a choreographer and dancer, she collaborated with the feature film Brincante - the Film by Walter Carvalho (Brazil), the video clip Chamamento from the band Mawu (Brazil), the show Naturalmente, and Passo de Antonio Nóbrega (Brazil).


Made the dramaturgy at Sagapo (Italia | France); the artistic direction of Vendaval (Brazil); the direction of LiterAto (Brazil); the creative direction of the show Bagaço de CAna, Pedaço de Chão (Brazil) and collaborated as a choreographer for the show Altissonante Alfonsina by Lu Menin (Brazil).


Her academic formation as a social scientist boosted her passion for writing, which earned her publications and participation in books and magazines.


photo: André Marques Albuquerque

foto: Andre Marques Albuquerque

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